Birth Circle
Antenatal Classes

Birth is instinctual. Gone are the days where we watched our mothers, aunties, and sisters give birth multiple times. In today’s modern society we have become disconnected from this primal event in our lives.
Birth Circle aims to alleviate your fears and help you ignite your inner power.
Our classes provide up-to-date and relevant information on labour, birth and early parenting by an experienced midwife and mother.  She shares her wisdom openly and in a safe environment so you can emerge from the profound experience of childbirth empowered and fulfilled.
Designed with busy parents-to-be in mind, our workshop runs conveniently over one weekend day.
In an intimate group, we will fill your ‘tool bag’ for labour and parenting with:

  • Evidence based techniques for pain management such as movement, massage, breathing, acupressure etc
  • Open and honest discussions about common fears and how to process them
  • In depth discussions around newborns, breastfeeding and parenting
  • Building your post birth supports
  • Emotional transformation 

You and your partner will walk away feeling excited and well equipped for your labour and upcoming journey as a parent.

Antenatal Class Discussion Topics

Orientation / course structure
Your expectations
Last few weeks of pregnancy
Birth – what’s it really like?
Realities of birthing in the system
Pain relief
Statistic realities
Why is normal birth important anyway?
How being informed helps
How can you best support your partner
Breath work
Birth videos
Caesarian section
Relaxation techniques
The fourth trimester
First 6 weeks
Babies emotional and brain development
How your experience of growing up affects how you parent


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