Birth Circle
Antenatal Workshop

Labour, Birth, and Early Parenting Workshop


The aim of the Birth Circle workshop is that you and your birth partner feel prepared and excited for labour and birth, and your parenting journeys.

Workshops are held on Sydney’s Lower Northern Beaches.
Light refreshments for morning and afternoon tea will be provided on the day.


You and your partner will walk away feeling excited and well equipped for your labour and upcoming journey as a parent.

Antenatal Class Discussion Topics

Orientation / course structure
Your expectations
Last few weeks of pregnancy
Birth – what’s it really like?
Realities of birthing in the system
Pain relief
Statistic realities
Why is normal birth important anyway?
How being informed helps
How can you best support your partner
Breath Work

Being a good support person
Birth Videos
Caesarian Section
Relaxation Techniques
The First 6 Weeks
Babies Emotional and Brain Development
How your childhood can affect how you parent


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