Frequently Asked Questions

• Who Is Birth Circle

Birth Circle was founded by midwife of over 30 years, Sheryl Sidery and is facilitated by her daughter Abby Sidery, who is also a midwife. They have a shared desire to support women throughout the profound journey of pregnancy, birth and becoming a mother. 

• What is the outline of the antenatal workshop?

A list of the topics that will be discussed throughout the workshop can be found on the ‘antenatal workshop’ page of the website. 

• What do I need to do before attending the workshop?

We highly recommend you watch Birth Time prior to your workshop date. It can be streamed from . Otherwise nothing – Just bring yourself and your birth partner, a water bottle and notepad and pen if you desire.

• What if I have already done another childbirth antenatal class? Can I still do the Birth Circle workshop?
Absolutely! The Birth Circle workshop explores more than just labour and birth. We will discuss topics such as parenting, the fourth trimester and breastfeeding. Our workshop will complement other childbirth education courses. 
• How many weeks pregnant should I be to attend the workshop?

We usually recommend 32-36 weeks so that the concept of having a baby is less abstract/foreign. Having said that, some women want more time to research their options, so I would suggest no earlier than 28weeks. 

• How does the Birth Circle workshop differ from other childbirth education courses?

The Birth Circle workshop not only covers evidence based techniques for labour and birth, but delves into expectations, modes of birth, relationships, parenting, infant development, amongst much more. We surveyed mothers who conclusively reported they wish there had been more information on the fourth trimester and parenting in their antenatal education.

• When is the next workshop?

Please head over to the antenatal workshop page to find our upcoming workshops.

• What if I unexpectedly need to change course dates?

Please contact us as soon as practicable so we can arrange a change of dates for you.

• What payment methods are offered?

We offer PayPal and credit card options.

• Does the price cover my birth partner to attend?
YES!! Whether it’s your partner, doula, mum, sister, or friend, the price covers two people to participate in the workshop.
• What do you do to protect against Covid19?
I ask that all attendees perform a rapid antigen test the morning of the workshop. Should anyone return a positive test I can either set up a zoom session for them to attend virtually or we can postpone to a future date if time is permitting. 
• What if I unexpectedly need to cancel, can I get a refund?

Please contact us should you need a refund – not offered for change of mind.